Handwoven Organic Cotton & Naturally Dyed Apparels.

For your body & mind, with love.

Malkauns is a planet and human conscious project that relish the blessings of our elders through the secrets of plants & flowers, to make garments that are a breath of fresh air to our body & mind.

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The yarn of our fabric is handspun on ‘Ambar Charkha’, remember your grandma’s soft clothes?
Spun yarn is then handwoven on a handloom by the 3rd-4th generation weavers, an intricate & delicate process 🙂

Rupak for Women

Sustainable fashion that is designed to make you look smart & feel confident

Khyal for Men

“Best fitting ever – that’s how a shirt should be – simple & comfortable” – Surya

Sruti for Women

“These colours are so pleasant to the eyes! Wonder why I never bought naturally dyed cloths before!” – Kanurita

Gamak for Women

All purpose short kurti, goes well with jeans, leggings, shorts. Available in more earth colours.
“Earth Pink is my favourite. It kinda feels special when you know it’s dyed with Pomegranates and Madder” – Dhriti