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Malkauns is straight out of sheer love and sincerity

Raga Malkauns

Malkauns, is one of the oldest raga in Indian classical music. It’s a slow, meditative raga, and is developed mostly in the lower octave and in a slow tempo. Played during late evening hours, Malkauns is very soothing, melodious and pleasant raga. It is said that it was recited by Goddess Parvati to calm down Lord Shiva from his Tandav, channeling his creative energy from chaos to calm. Musicians use this raga to give focus and direction to their creativity as the sheer force of creativity itself can be chaotic, which needs a structure to become productive.


It took us more than 6 months to find the fabric that we now use for Malkauns. The journey was not any lesser than a pilgrimage, where we got to meet some amazing people, artists and artisans alike. The more we went deeper into this enquiry, the more we realised that how much of such artisanal labour is being buried with each passing day under the fast paced roller of industrial development.
We’re grateful enough to have our hands on fabric that breathes life into skin, and colours that are without a doubt the most beautiful, safe and striking we have seen.

We ensure that every stakeholder involved in the process of bringing this product to you is fairly paid and drives well-being for them self through our enterprise.

Malkauns is an offering of love and sincerity, from us to you. Let us know how did you like your Malkauns Kurta. We’d love to feature you in our outreach. We’re reachable at connect@malkauns.in or connect@doall.work


Aishwarya Sharma

Co-Founder & Head of Design
Passionate about all things natural. Loves to create and support art. Skilled in Styling, Colours, Hand Embroidery, Baking & Decor. Reachable at connect@malkauns.in

Abhishek Garg

Co-Founder & Head of Operations
Passionate about problem solving, building things and creating experiences around products. Skilled in design solutions, operational efficiency, process building. Reachable at a@doall.work

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