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How Harbans uncle brought the old world charm to our studio!

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Life has a wonderful way of bringing people together in the most unexpected places. For us, the turning point came one sunny afternoon when we discovered an old tailor sitting under a tree near our studio, diligently working on his sewing machine. Little did we know, this chance encounter would lead to an inspiring collaboration and a testament to the values that define our workplace culture.

Harbans Uncle, as we fondly call him, initially seemed reluctant when we approached him with a job offer. Understandably, he was hesitant about leaving his familiar spot and working in a new environment. However, his curiosity got the better of him, and he agreed to visit our studio. It was then that he laid down his one condition: he would work with us only if he could use an old sewing machine, not the modern Japanese electric machine that we had in our studio.

This presented a unique challenge for us. Our studio was equipped with the latest technology to ensure efficiency and precision in our work. Yet, here was an opportunity to embrace inclusivity and honor the craftsmanship of a seasoned tailor. After some brainstorming, my mother came up with a heartwarming solution. She offered her old Rita Sewing Machine, a relic from our childhood days when she used it to mend our clothes. The machine had been lying unused in her cupboard for years.

Rita Sewing Machine. Bought in 1995.

We decided to breathe new life into the Rita Sewing Machine. It was sent for repairs, and we added an electric wheel to it, along with a tailor’s bench. When we presented the refurbished machine to Uncle Harbans, his eyes lit up with joy. It was clear that this gesture meant more to him than we could have imagined.

It has now been over six months since Uncle Harbans joined our team. He works happily and efficiently with his old (but new 😉 ) machine often imparting invaluable knowledge of traditional stitching techniques to our team. A true master of his craft! Through his patient guidance, we’ve learned techniques that were almost forgotten, infusing our modern designs with a timeless touch. His insistence on neatness and precision in every piece of work he produces speaks volumes about his dedication. With honesty and unwavering commitment, Uncle ensures that every product he works on is a testament to quality and craftsmanship.

This collaborative experience has reinforced our commitment to inclusivity and respect for individual preferences. At our studio, we believe that every member brings something valuable to the table. Whether it’s the latest technology or traditional craftsmanship, we strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued and integral to our collective success.

Here is to looking forward to growing together interdependently!

16 May, 2024. 1915hrs.