Fashion needs to slow down

It needs to be inclusive of people, animals & planets.

Truthfully Grown Cotton

Inorganic cotton has one of the largest footprints in global emissions. it not only degrades our planet, but also the farmers who work with such toxic pesticides to facilitate it’s growth.

Our fabric is made of 100% organic cotton, which means through out the growing process, no harmful or toxic materials were used. the farmers are super happy and super healthy 🙂

Heart crafted

the sourced cotton is then hand-spun and hand woven through traditional warp & waft process by a team of weavers in Gujarat through self help groups.

It’s either perfect or not enough, hand weaving process requires lot of precision, awareness and most importantly ‘heart’. the resultant is a super soft and breathable fabric that feels like tonic to the skin.

naturally dyed, 0% toxic, 100% ♥️

the second stage of toxicity in the fabric making process is colouring them.
99.9% of the fabric available in the market is chemically dyed. fast binding
chemicals stick multi-formula synthetic colours with fabric, which slowly
over the time loose free on your skin unconciously. damn!

we dye our fabric naturally!
all the colours are obtained by roots, herbs and naturally available non-toxic bio materials
that are easy on the hands (for those who do it) and easy on the skin (for those who wear it).
the colours are extremely pleasant, pastel and full of life!

Move away from impulse towards love and truth

presenting malkauns

minimalist kurtas for him & her

comfort is hard to design, so just three options to choose from ☺️