Fabrics in Bulk

Delight your customers with garments made from our speciality fabric.

What fabric is this?

Handwoven Organic Cotton – That is several times softer, pleasant, and environment friendly. Grown without any harmful chemicals and watered through rains, this cotton is the most sustainable form available in the market as of today.

How is it dyed?

Its dyed using eco friendly plant based colours, that have no chemicals or azo in them. They are very vibrant, and have a very pleasant aura to it.

Does the colour go away on washing? The short answer is No. The long answer is yes. Just like any other coloured cotton fabric, the colour fades a bit as the garment ages with washing. But it does not bleed. So don’t worry, go on and make those colour blocks you wanted to!

How much is the MoQ?

To be able to qualify for bulk prices,
Minimum order per catalogue colour (colours that we make) is 10m, shipping time is 10-15 days. Minimum order for custom colour is 50m. Shipping time is upto 15 days, depending upon the weather.

Bulk Pricing

Upto 5m / colour – Retail pricing as per the website.
5m to 10m / colour – Rs 800/m
10 – 25m / colour – Rs 750/m
25m – 50m / colour – Rs 700/m
50m and above / colour – Rs 650/m
Custom Colour (50m and above) – Rs 675/m
Additional – GST 5% & Shipping as per weight

Is there a Swatch Kit that I can order?

Yes. You can order our swatch kit for just Rs 500 (Free shipping). It will include 10 different colours and shades.

Healthy Fabrics – Swatch Kit
8 solid colours, 2-3 pattern designs

Contact for bulk enquiries – Abhishek +919988990100 (Whatsapp also available)